Screened Chemistry is an innovative method of assessing, scoring, and certifying textile chemicals for human and environmental health characteristics.

Many global fashion, apparel, and footwear brands are eliminating the discharge of hazardous chemicals via the ZDHC Programme. Several of these brands, led by Levi Strauss & Co, H&M, C&A, and NIKE have also selected Screened Chemistry as their preferred method for selecting safer chemicals.

As part of the Screened Chemistry effort, these brands are engaging with suppliers and chemical formulators to evaluate chemical formulations for Screened Chemistry certification while protecting chemical supplier proprietary ingredient information.

The Screened Chemistry process follows 4 main steps:

  1. Confidential Full Formulation Disclosure
  2. Priority Chemical List screen
  3. Positive Chemical List screen
  4. Verified Comprehensive Hazard Assessment

Screened Chemistry Scoring

Based on results of these steps, each ingredient and impurity in the formulation receives a Screened Chemistry score from 0 to 50, as well as an overall Screened Chemistry score from 0 to 50 for the formulation. The higher the Screened Chemistry score, the more preferred the chemical or formulation.

See Screened Chemistry Scoring Rules v2.1 (2018)

Preferred Chemical

35 to 50

Acceptable Formulations
Needing Improvement

20 to 34

Formulations with
Chemical of Concern

0 to 19

As an authorized third-party Screened Chemistry service provider, Scivera processes the required steps and generates a Screened Chemistry Certificate for a qualifying textile chemical formulation.

Screened Chemistry brands are working with their factories and chemical suppliers to review all chemicals used in processes through the Screened Chemistry program in order to be able to identify safer alternatives in the future.

The Screened Chemistry process requires that an authorized Screened Chemistry service provider evaluated each chemical formulation for human and environmental health. Each formulation receives a Screened Chemistry score and guidance on whether the formulation is preferred, acceptable, or needs improvement. Formulations needing improvement may be prioritized for reformulation or replacement with known, safer alternatives.

Scivera makes this process fast, efficient, and cost-effective, but we know that collecting the necessary information for Screened Chemistry certification can take some time. Scivera’s team makes the Screened Chemistry process as fast and as easy as possible.

Screened Chemistry Timeline


Your First Step

Identify how many products need Screened Chemistry certification
Explore your Screened Chemistry options with Scivera

With the Help of Scivera

Review options and determine which solution is right for you

With Your Team

Gather and submit required product information and/or engage your suppliers to work with Scivera

1-4 Weeks

Receive your Certification from Scivera and see your product on the Screened Chemistry Preferred Chemicals List

Who is Scivera?

With decades of chemicals management experience across our team of toxicologists, strategists, data management experts, and software engineers, Scivera has mastered the art and science of Screened Chemistry assessments and certifications. The world’s most recognized brands and their global supplier networks use Scivera for chemical screening, alternatives assessment, and chemicals management. Scivera is the most user-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective chemicals management solution on the market for businesses of all sizes.

We’re here to be your partner as you begin the process of moving towards Screened Chemistry compliance. Whether you have questions about the process, need help getting a quote, or want more information, we are ready to help.



Our team will support you and your chemical suppliers through the Screened Chemistry process. Download our Get Started Kit for everything you’ll need to communicate the Screened Chemistry program requirements to your suppliers quickly and easily.


Share with us the contact information of your chemical formulators. We’ll send them all the information they’ll need to get started as well as some key updates along the way.


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Our goal is to be your partner throughout this journey-making it as quick and easy as possible to complete your Screened Chemistry certification, whether you’re a small to mid-sized business or a multi-national chemical manufacturer. Download our ‘Get Started’ Kit for everything you’ll need to begin the process.


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1 Compare Our Solutions

Scivera offers Screened Chemistry solutions for every type of organization. Whether your company is large or small, or somewhere in between, we have a solution that fits your needs. We have built our processes and products to deliver Screened Chemistry results in a fast and cost-effective way while protecting confidential formulation information. Explore which option might be best for your Screened Chemistry needs using the examples below:

2 Choose Your Solution

Contact the Scivera team at screenedchemistry@scivera.com with the number of products and the chemicals (CASRNs) included in those products. Scivera will generate a quote for you based on the details provided. This will include pricing for Scivera Screened Chemistry Services as well as for our SciveraLENS Rapid Screen for Screened Chemistry subscription plans, helping you decide which solution fits your business best.

Based on your Screened Chemistry quote, you can decide which option you prefer, and how many products you’d like to get started with. We understand the proprietary nature of your product formulations. We have designed our processes to protect confidential formulation data while delivering Screened Chemistry results to your customers.

Screened Chemistry certification includes two key components:

  1. List Screen matches product ingredients and impurities against existing restricted and positive substance lists to score well-understood chemicals.
  2. Comprehensive Hazard Assessment draws on Scivera board-certified toxicologist expertise to examine the underlying human and environmental characteristics of chemicals for deeper insight.

Scivera Screened Chemistry Services deliver fast, cost-effective results to meet brand requirements for one or many chemical products.

Scivera’s well-known web-based software tool, SciveraLENS Rapid Screen Tracker + Insight, provides List Screen and Comprehensive Hazard Assessments at even greater discounts. Rapid Screen subscribers have instant access to the assessments that Scivera’s board-certified toxicologists have completed. Pricing is as follows:

Scivera Screened Chemistry Pricing Examples

A textile chemical company has 20 chemical products in a year that need Screened Chemistry scoring and certification. Several of the ingredients and impurities are common across all 20 products. Total unique ingredients and impurities across all 20 products is 50 chemicals (i.e., CASRNs), 10 of those CASRNs require a hazard assessment. Scivera Screened Chemistry pricing for this 20-product example is as follows:


20 products, 50 unique CASRNs requiring a list screen of
which 10 CASRNs also need Comprehensive Hazard Assessment:


3 Submit Your Products for Certification

Whether you choose our Screened Chemistry Services or take advantage of a Rapid Screen subscription, your first step will be to complete a confidential full formulation disclosure through our easy to use Screened Chemistry Submission Form. We will confirm this information with you and begin the Screened Chemistry assessment and certification process.

For Screened Chemistry scoring and certification, the product information form will ask for the following:

  • Basic information about each (i.e., product name, etc.)
  • Confidential Full Formulation Disclosure (including sub-supplier formulations) (by chemical and concentration)
    • All intentionally added chemicals at any concentration
    • Any impurities (e.g., residuals, byproducts, etc) present in final formulation at 100 ppm (0.01%) or greater
    • Any chemicals present as impurities at any concentration and also listed on the ZDHC MRSL
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for each product or products
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for any sub-supplier mixtures or chemicals in your product or products
  • Polymer Assessment Form for any polymers in your product or products
  • Signed Disclosure and Declaration of Accuracy Form

Scivera’s powerful software platform assists in gathering this information including sub-supplier ingredients while protecting confidential ingredient information.


We’ve created several tools to help our clients get started
with Screened Chemistry quickly and easily.