SciveraLENS for Screened Chemistry

Scivera’s GHS+ Hazard Assessments performed by our board-certified toxicologists and delivered via SciveraLENS® to our subscribers, are accepted for the Screened Chemistry Program.

Using Rapid Screen for Screened Chemistry
SciveraLENS Rapid Screen simplifies the Screened Chemistry process for you and decreases costs and turnaround time of screening and certification.

5 Easy Steps
1. Gather the chemical data for your product into a bill of substances.
2. Quickly and easily screen all chemicals against the required RSLs (and hundreds of other lists).
3. Pre-screen chemicals and your product overall for its Screened Chemistry score and explore optimizing formulations using preferred alternatives.
4. Review the GHS+ Hazard Assessment (22 human and environmental health characteristics) for each chemical in your product.
5. Inform Scivera’s Support Team [] that you’d like to finalize the Screened Chemistry Score, Report, and Certificate for your product.

Our team of board-certified toxicologists will then conduct a thorough check of your formulation and SciveraLENS will generate a Screened Chemistry Score for each chemical and the formulation overall. Scivera will issue a Screened Chemistry Certificate for each qualifying product for sharing with customers. The highest scoring formulations receive special recognition on the Screened Chemistry Preferred Chemistry List.

Use Rapid Screen for chemical assessment during product development, alternatives, assessment, and product stewardship programs.

In addition to Screened Chemistry, Scivera supports other certifications including ZDHC MRSL Conformance, GreenScreenⓇ, and others. Individual product Screened Chemistry certification is also available without a Rapid Screen subscription.