Screened Chemistry Programs with SciveraLENS

Helping you meet your requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

Screened Chemistry Certification for Textile Auxiliaries

For chemical suppliers and chemical formulators. 

LS&Co requires Screened Chemistry Certification for all Textile Auxiliaries used in LS&Co processes and products. 

Make sure that your products are included on the Screened Chemistry Preferred Chemical Products List (PCPL) so you can sell your products and market your greener chemistry achievements.  

Screened Chemistry Certification for Dyes and Pigments

For chemical suppliers and chemical formulators.  

Prescreen your dye and pigment formulations now and preview your Screened Chemistry scores to ensure that you are ready to proceed with Screened Chemistry Certification for Dyes and Pigments when the program is released. 

Safer Commodity Screening Program

For factories, laundries, mills. 

LS&Co. will establish Safer Commodity Screening as a requirement for all relevant manufacturing suppliers and work with NimkarTek and Scivera to scale the program across its supplier base in 2020. NimkarTek and Scivera are also supporting the expansion of the program to other brands in 2020.