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This week, Dr. Pat Beattie, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., SciVera’s Vice President of Science Development, presented at the Society of Toxicology’s Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. Dr. Beattie’s poster presentation entitled, “Enhanced Alternatives Analysis: Automated Evaluation of Chemical Hazard Attributes to Identify Preferred Substitutes” summarizes a research project completed by SciVera’s team of toxicologists and chemical data experts to explore the gap between current restricted substance lists (RSLs) and chemicals showing concern for human health effects. SciVera’s team, led by Dr. Beattie, determined that a significant number of chemicals showing evidence of concern for developmental-reproductive toxicity are not yet listed as restricted on leading authoritative lists of developmental-reproductive toxins. This gap between RSLs and chemicals that show evidence of concern is an important indicator of how companies will be well-served to go beyond RSL screening when reviewing alternatives to replace RSL chemicals in products and processes.

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