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The past few weeks we have been hard at work adding enhancements to our newest chemicals management and sustainable chemistry app, SciveraLENS Rapid Screen.

Most recently we added the ability for Rapid Screen subscribers to share assessment results with colleagues, customers, and suppliers—securely, for no additional charge.

SciveraLENS Rapid Screen gets you and your company going on sustainable chemistry—instantly:

  • Screen your chemical(s) against 270+ Regulatory, Authoritative, NGO, Industry, and Preferred Substances Lists and Sub-lists (eg, CA Prop 65, ChemSec SIN List, WA CHCC, Reach SVHCs, AAFA RSL, ZDHC MRSL, US EPA SCIL, etc.);
  • Gain deeper insight into your chemicals of interest by reviewing 22 human and environmental health characteristics completed by Scivera’s board-certified toxicologists to predict future restricted substances and identify preferred substitutes;
  • Share the results of your screening work for no additional charge with colleagues, customers, and suppliers, via email, all while protecting proprietary ingredient information.

Sign up for a free test drive of Rapid Screen today. Make the leap toward better chemicals management and sustainable chemistry innovation in minutes and for thousands of dollars less than conventional approaches.

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