Scivera further strengthens its SciveraLENS® Chemical Knowledge Base by joining CAS Registry Number® Verified Partner Program

SciveraLENS® is the world’s most comprehensive resource for Chemical Hazard Assessments (CHA) verified by board-certified toxicologists. CHAs provide critical human and environmental health impact information to decision makers seeking to improve the safety and environmental profile of industrial chemicals, especially those used in consumer products and processes worldwide. With thousands of CHAs completed and fully-documented across 23 critical human and environmental health endpoints, SciveraLENS® brings scalable, data-driven, chemicals management and safer alternatives exploration to all participants in the global consumer products supply chain.

Scivera’s GHS+ Hazard Assessment Framework is recognized worldwide across multiple authorities and industries as a transparent, comprehensive, and easily understandable method of organizing, processing, and communicating the human and environmental health impact characteristics of chemicals used in consumer products and processes.

In our ongoing effort to constantly improve the SciveraLENS® Knowledge Base, Scivera has teamed-up with CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, to ensure best in class identification and confirmation of chemicals available for reference by SciveraLENS® subscribers. CAS Registry Numbers (CAS RN®) are widely used as an authoritative global industry standard to ensure the accuracy of chemical information. As a member of the CAS Registry Number Verified Partner Program, Scivera’s team of toxicologists and researchers collaborates closely with CAS’s chemical identity experts to reduce the occurrence of incorrect CAS RNs used in commerce.

This means SciveraLENS® subscribers now have access to verified CAS RN and chemical name information for chemicals of interest queried in SciveraLENS®.

Scivera’s participation in the CAS Registry Number Verified Partner Program is another way SciveraLENS® is leading the transformation of chemicals management business processes for retailers, brands, manufacturers, and suppliers of chemicals to the global consumer products value chain.

Scivera® and SciveraLENS® are Registered Trademarks of Scivera LLC.

CAS Registry Number® and CAS RN® are Registered Trademarks of the American Chemical Society.