Scivera recently participated in the International Consumer Products Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) annual conference and training in Orlando, Florida USA. Scivera team members met with consumer product brands, suppliers, and service providers large and small. Many companies expressed interest in the way SciveraLENS® Rapid Screen™ software enables cost-effective chemicals screening for regulatory compliance, alternatives assessment, and sustainable chemistry.

Scivera team (L-R): Dr Pat Beattie, Brad Groff, Joe Rinkevich, and Betsy Murry exhibit at ICPHSO 2018 Orlando USA

The SciveraLENS platform delivers thousands of chemical human and environmental health assessments completed and monitored by Scivera’s board-certified toxicologists to subscribers. Knowledge that usually costs thousands of dollars per chemical and weeks of lead time is now available instantly and cost-effectively through a SciveraLENS Rapid Screen subscription.

Attendees asked Scivera team members questions about how they could use Rapid Screen to stay on top of regulatory compliance requirements as well as better understand the chemicals in their products. Attendees also asked how Rapid Screen could help protect confidential ingredient information for them and their suppliers.

One recurring question was about LHAMA (Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act) requirements in the arts and crafts product category. The LHAMA use case is just one of the ways SciveraLENS is transforming chemicals screening and management in consumer products.

Companies that make or market arts and crafts materials expressed a need to reduce the time required and cost of LHAMA screening for their product formulations. SciveraLENS Rapid Screen enables companies to gather data from suppliers, pre-screen ingredients for concern (while protecting supplier IP), then engage Scivera’s team of board-certified toxicologists to review the formulation and generate a LHAMA report. This innovative combination of software and service is a game-changer for companies that need LHAMA or TRA reports as part of their chemicals management business processes.

Please contact our Customer Success Team at to explore your chemicals management use case and learn how SciveraLENS can help your business.

The team at Scivera is grateful to the ICPHSO staff for all of the support provided during the week in Orlando.