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Your Account

Activating your Account and Setting your Password

Once you have purchased your SciveraLENS® subscription, you’ll receive 2 emails from Scivera:

  • a receipt email for your purchase and
  • an invitation email to confirm and activate your new SciveraLENS Rapid Screen account

In this second email marked Action Needed, find the link that says “Confirm my account” and click it. The link will bring you to your SciveraLENS account setup page.

Here, you’ll need to set a secure password and select your timezone (so we know when we can communicate with you). When you’re ready, click “Take me to my new SciveraLENS account”. This will navigate you to our Web Services Agreement. Upon acceptance, you’ll be taken to the Overview page of your new SciveraLENS account.

You’ve activated your new SciveraLENS account and can get started!

Make sure you keep your password secure and remember your login is for your individual use. Do not share your user account or password with anyone. You’ll use your username or email address and this password each time you log in to SciveraLENS. If you forget your password, don’t worry! We’ve included a convenient “forgot your password” link on our login page that will allow you to reset your password.

You can login anytime by visiting the Scivera website and selecting LOGIN at the top of the homepage or by visiting the SciveraLENS login page directly ( 

Managing your Account

At the top of your SciveraLENS account, look for a circular icon with your initials.Activate Your Account

This is where you will go to manage your SciveraLENS account information and subscription. Click on the circle. You’ll see a menu:

  • Edit Profile
  • Change Password
  • Subscription
  • Logout

Edit Profile:
Within the Profile section, you can manage your username, your first name, last name, and time zone. Because your SciveraLENS account is directly linked to the email address you used when you signed up for your SciveraLENS account, you won’t be able to edit your email address. Note – if your email address changes for some reason or if you need to transfer your subscription to another user, please let us know at and we can help update your account as needed.

Change Password:
To update your password, you must have your current password and then enter your new password twice before saving.

Make sure you keep your password secure and remember your login is for your individual use. Do not share your user account or password with anyone. You’ll use your username or email address and this password each time you log in to SciveraLENS. If you forget your password, don’t worry! We’ve included a convenient “forgot your password” link on our login page that will allow you to reset your password.

We will periodically ask you to update your password to ensure data security.

Here, you can see how many unique chemicals or CAS RNs are included in your SciveraLENS account and the number of unique CAS RNs or chemicals you have used toward that total. If you’re close to your limit and need more CAS RNs, let us know ( and we can help upgrade your subscription.

You can also view your subscription details (which plan are you using) and expiration date. SciveraLENS is an annual subscription. Close to your expiration date, we’ll reach out to make sure that your billing information is still accurate. We’ll bill you annually, so you don’t have to worry about any lapse in your account. We use a secure third party to handle all of our billing for SciveraLENS. This means that the billing information you provided when you purchased SciveraLENS is secure and we, at Scivera, cannot see your credit card information.

SciveraLENS Plans

Your SciveraLENS plan allows you to:

  • Gather assessment information on chemical ingredients while maintaining proprietary ingredient information
  • Screen your chemicals and formulations against over 400 RSLs, MRSLs, Preferred Chemicals Lists, and other lists of interest
  • Access chemical hazard assessments conducted by Scivera’s team of Board-certified Toxicologists. Scivera’s GHS+ chemical hazard assessments provide you with easy-to-understand toxicology assessments across 23 human and environmental health characteristics and allow you to better understand your chemicals, identify problematic chemicals, and preferred alternatives 
  • Receive real-time notification of changes in list status or hazard assessment
  • Share assessments with colleagues and customers for review or discussion
  • Participant in SciveraLENS supported programs such as Screened Chemistry certification, EIM Chemistry Impact scoring, LHAMA/TRA, and more. 

The hazard detail that Scivera provides via SciveraLENS is called our Insight report. This Insight report gives you critical insight into your chemicals, better understand where you might need to find alternatives, and help you select alternatives based on human and environmental health attributes, not just whether or not they are on a list.

We offer several plans based on the number of unique CAS RNs you plan on reviewing. Each assessment is provided at the CAS RN level and our SciveraLENS plans give you more flexibility in how to use our system. Instead of paying by formulation where you might have several of the same CAS RNs across your formulations, your account is based on those unique CAS RNs even if they are in multiple formulations.

Just like with our products, you can always upgrade to include additional CAS RNs as needed.

We recently released a data entry subscription to support users who are not ready to assess chemistries yet but need to share redacted assessment results with customers. This plan does not include access to any assessment results.

Contact us if you have any questions about our product offerings or subscription levels.

SciveraLENS Web Services Agreement

When you log into SciveraLENS for the first time, you’ll be asked to review and accept the SciveraLENS Web Services Agreement. This is a standard web services agreement that outlines the terms for using our software and includes our non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses. For a copy of the agreement, please click here. If there are any updates to the agreement, we’ll make sure to let you know.

How your Information is Protected

We know that your chemicals, formulations, mixtures, and products may contain proprietary information and it’s important to keep this information confidential. When you enter your chemical information into SciveraLENS, you can be sure that we will not share your data unless we have express permission from you to do so.

One of our goals at Scivera is to help companies select safer chemicals and also serve as a trusted third party to help communicate chemical formulations and assessments between brands and suppliers, simplifying the process for all parties. We provide secure ways to transfer this chemical information between supply chain participants with or without redaction through SciveraLENS. Let us know if you have any questions about this process (

For a copy of our security overview, please contact Scivera. Please click here to view a copy of our privacy policy.

Supported Browsers for SciveraLENS

SciveraLENS supports the most recent versions for:

If you are using Internet Explorer, we recommend you move to a supported browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. You may already have access to Edge on your Windows machine. Please let us know if you need any help or have questions (

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