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SciveraLENS-bos-template-file :: Be sure to Save As .csv file format prior to uploading to your SciveraLENS® Account

Formatting your Bill of Substances (BOS) for Upload BOS

Uploading a Bill of Substances (BOS) is an easy way to quickly create a new Collection in Rapid Screen or quickly upload variations of a Collection into your Rapid Screen account.

To create a Collection using the Upload BOS tool:

  1. On the Collections menu, click on the green plus button in the top right of your screen (this is what you’ll use to start any new Collection)
  2. Select Upload BOS
  3. In step 1, you’ll be asked to upload a file. Click “Choose File” and select the file you would like to upload. Make sure this file is saved in .csv format. Click “Upload and Continue”
  4. Follow the rest of the prompts to complete your Collection and view your assessment results

BOS Format

A BOS file must be in .csv format for a successful upload. Here’s a sample BOS template to get you started. You can modify this file or create your own file.

Sample Collection - Upload BOS Instructions





Components of a BOS:

  • Level: Your BOS in Rapid Screen will only have 2 levels (Level 1 and Level 2). These levels help our system interpret your BOS data and separate key elements of your file.
    • Level 1 is where you will include generic Collection level information.:
      • Material Name – This will be the name of your Collection.
      • Material Number – This is an optional field.
      • Mass – If you know the mass of your product, please enter it here. You can always use 1 as the default value.
      • Unit of Mass – Please include “g” for grams on each line in your .csv file.
      • Optional columns – You can choose to include a column for:
        • Supplier Name – Tie a supplier name to your Collection. This value only needs to be included at Level 1.
        • Tags – You can tag each Collection with keywords for easy search and sorting. To add multiple tags, please separate each with a comma. This value only needs to be included at Level 1.
    • Level 2 is where you will include the specific ingredient level information.
      • Unit of Mass – Make sure to include a unit of mass for each line in your spreadsheet. The unit of mass should be the same between products and ingredients.
      • CASRN – Please enter a CASRN for each ingredient in your Collection. We recommend entering these without hyphens to alleviate any formatting issues.
      • Chemical Name – This is an optional field. Rapid Screen will automatically name each chemical based on the CASRN entered.
      • Concentration – Concentration should be entered as a decimal for each chemical (i.e. 10% entered as 0.10). Total concentration for a formula should add up to 100% or 1.0. Please make sure that the decimal separator is set as a “.” instead of a “,”.

Tip: You can always download a BOS of an existing Collection in your account to check formatting. Simply select the menu icon (look for the three dots) and select “CSV”.

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