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Within Rapid Screen, you can screen any of your chemicals against almost 250 lists and sublists that Scivera’s team of experts manage and maintain. Example lists researched, monitored, and managed by Scivera’s team of researchers include regulatory lists like the California Proposition 65 Chemicals, industry restricted substance lists such as the ZDHC MRSL, Screening Lists like the ChemSec SIN List, and preferred chemicals lists like the US EPA Safer Choice Program Safer Chemicals Ingredient List. Our team watches these lists and keeps them up-to-date so you don’t have to. You’ll get an alert if a list changes that impacts your chemicals of interest.

In addition to just seeing if your chemical appears on a list of interest, you can see whether or not the concentration you have entered meets or exceeds the concentration threshold or safe harbor limit indicated on that particular list if applicable.

Previously, you would see:

The blue triangle indicates that there are no List hits for the chemicals in your Collection.


The yellow triangle indicates the chemical is on one or more Lists, but the concentration in the Collection is below the concentration threshold for that chemical on the indicated List(s).


The red triangle indicates the chemical is on the indicated List(s) and either no concentration threshold is included, or the concentration for the chemical in the Collection exceeds the concentration thresholds in the indicated List(s).

You’ll now see additional light colors to provide additional guidance and clarity allowing you quickly see which type of list(s) your chemical(s) appears on as well as whether or not you have exceeded any concentration thresholds:

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