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Today the International Chemicals Secretariat (“ChemSec”) released an updated version of their “Substitute It Now” (“SIN”) List of Chemicals of Concern.

If you are not familiar with ChemSec, you can read more about this international non-governmental organization at the link below.

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Version 2.1 of the SIN List adds 249 substances, bringing the total list to 626. The SIN List is relevant to product manufacturers because many chemicals on the list are already regulated in one or more countries. The SIN List is also a useful window into chemicals that may be regulated or restricted in the future based on their underlying hazard characteristics. For example, all chemicals currently on the REACH SVHC Candidate List were on the SIN List in advance of their REACH Listing.

From today’s ChemSec Press Release:

“Besides new information from REACH registrations dossiers, the SIN update also includes substances newly classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction according to the EU CLP regulation. Also, a few substances recently agreed by EU member states as Substances of Very High Concern and included on the Candidate List have been added. These have not previously been identified by the SIN List methodology, as they are in fact for example mixtures or lack a unique identification (CAS) number.”

SciVera Lens can be configured to screen BOS data against the SIN List to provide advanced notice to your company about chemicals that are already, or may eventually be regulated in one or more countries.

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