Screened Chemistry

Are you a chemical supplier to Levi Strauss & Co, H&M, or C&A?

Scivera is an authorized provider and the only software solution approved for textile chemical product assessments and certifications required to participate in the Screened Chemistry Program.

Screened Chemistry Certification requires that you understand the chemicals in your product, screen those chemicals against specific restricted substances lists (RSLs), as well conduct a hazard assessment for certain chemicals.

With our software tools like Rapid Screen, Scivera can help you:

  • gather the chemical data for your product into a bill of substances
  • quickly and easily screen all chemicals against the required RSLs (and hundreds of other lists)
  • leverage the expertise of our board-certified toxicologists
  • review the underlying human and environmental health characteristics of your chemicals

As a Rapid Screen subscriber, you’ll be able to preview your Screened Chemistry score before deciding to proceed with Certification.

Need to reformulate or improve your formulation? Identify safer alternatives and see how they impact not only human and environmental health, but also how they impact your Screened Chemistry score.

When you’re ready to certify your product and it has met all requirements, our team of board-certified toxicologists will conduct a thorough review of your formulation and issue a Screened Chemistry Certificate for each product and help you share it with your customers.

Save even more on this certification by subscribing to our Rapid Screen software and be able to screen any of your chemicals whenever needed.

Scivera offers these certification services a la carte or subscribe and save up to 70% or more on your assessment fees.


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Rapid Screen is the only software approved for use with the Screened Chemistry Program.

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