SciveraLENS® SC for CC – User Guide

Welcome to the SciveraLENS® SC for CC Platform – User Guide

Screened Chemistry Brands are requiring suppliers (i.e., mills, laundries, and other facilities) to screen commodity chemicals used in processes for the presence of ZDHC MRSL analytes.

Many textile factories, mills, and laundries that use commodity chemicals in processes have begun screening these chemicals under the Screened Chemistry for Commodity Chemicals (“SC for CC”) Program. 

Scivera (USA) is collaborating with NimkarTek Technical Services Pvt Ltd. (India) to provide cost-effective and efficient screening, scoring, certification, and data management processes for Screened Chemistry Brand facilities. 

Scivera has developed a web-based platform for managing the steps, supporting information, and results related to the SC for CC Program. 

This document is a step-by-step guide to using the SciveraLENS® SC for CC Platform for the process. 


Step 1 – Create an Account / Log In

  1. Click on the “Create an Account” button on the right side of the SC for CC home page.
  2. If you already have created a SC for CC platform account, click on the Log In button.
  3. Only one user/account is allowed per factory/mill/laundry facility.
  4. Each factory/mill/laundry facility must have an account, even if multiple facilities are part of a larger group. 
  5. Questions? Contact the Scivera Team at support@scivera.com

Step 2 – Complete the New Account Form

  1. Complete the New Account Form by entering information in the required fields.
  2. Important information includes your contact information, your company information, as well as contact information for your colleague responsible for billing.
  3. If your company is part of a larger group of companies, please include the company group name after your company name. For example: ABC Textiles, Ltd. (Global Garment Group PLC)
  4. Please enter the address for your specific facility, not the group address. Feel free to send group contact information to Scivera via email at screenedchemistry@scivera.com
  5. Be sure to add affiliate brand name(s) for your facility (e.g., LS&Co, H&M, C&A, etc.)
  6. You can add a picture of yourself or your company (optional)
  7. When finished, click on the “Create new account” button at bottom of form.
  8. If any information is missing or if there are errors in your information, SciveraLENS will highlight those places that require completion or correction.

Step 3 – New account success!

  1. Once you have successfully completed the New Account Form, you will return to the SC for CC Platform Home Page where you will see the message in blue: “A welcome message with further instructions has been sent to your email address.”

Step 4 – Open new account confirmation email

  1. Go to your email inbox to open and view the New Account Confirmation email send by SciveraLENS
  2. Click on the link provided in the email. This link will work only one time.

Step 5 – New account landing page

  1. After you have clicked on the link in your welcome/confirmation email, you will see in your browser the new account confirmation page.
  2. Click on the Log In button.

Step 6 – Password reset page

  1. Reset your password to a strong combination of numbers and letters.
  2. Do not share your password with anyone.
  3. Once you have set and confirmed your new password, click on the green “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 7 – SC for CC Dashboard

  1. Once you have reset and saved your new password, you arrive at your SC for CC Dashboard.
  2. From here you can scroll down the page to access different SC for CC reports and functions.
  3. Just under your profile information the area reporting the status of any SC for CC Samples in process. If you have not yet created an SC for CC Sample Group of chemicals, you will see “No samples found” in this section of your SC for CC Dashboard.
  4. The primary function on the Dashboard is the “CREATE A SAMPLE GROUP” button.
  5. The Create a Sample Group process makes it easy to record the commodity chemicals used at your facility and submit the SC for CC Application to Scivera for processing.
  6. Farther down the dashboard are function buttons to add a commodity chemical supplier, view available commodity chemical suppliers, and return to the top of your SC for CC Dashboard.

Create a Sample Group

  • A Sample Group is a collection of commodity chemical samples taken from the commodity chemicals used at your facility.
  • Creating a Sample Group is an easy step-by-step process for each commodity chemical used at your facility:
  1. Select the first Commodity Chemical from the pulldown menu. If you do not see your commodity chemical in the list, contact Scivera via support@scivera.com to have it added. Note: Any single chemical (e.g., acetic acid, sodium chloride, etc) used as an input in a process in your facility is considered a commodity chemical and must be included in the SC for CC process.
  2. Add the Supplier/Trader for the commodity chemical. For this step, you can add a new supplier, or search a list of existing suppliers. This can save time not having to re-enter supplier information.
  3. Enter the Product ID Number for the batch or the lot of the commodity chemical—this information comes from the label on the container of the commodity chemical in your facility.
  4. Enter the Volume of the container where the commodity chemical is stored. Example: 250 gallon tote, or 50 kg bag, etc.
  5. Note the Date and Time the sample was taken.
  6. Take a Photo of the sample and/or the container of the commodity chemical from which the sample was drawn. If you are using your mobile phone for the SC for CC process, you can take a photo and immediately add it to the commodity chemical.
  7. Refer to Section 14 of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the commodity chemical to determine if it is classified as Dangerous Goods by IATA. If so, check the IATA Dangerous Goods box.
  8. Upload the SDS from the supplier/trader for the chemical.
  9. Save the commodity chemical sample to continue work later and add another, or continue your work later, or move on to complete the sample group and send to Scivera for approval.
  10. Repeat 1-8 above for each commodity chemical from each commodity chemical supplier at your facility. i.e., If you source sodium chloride from three different suppliers/traders, you must add a commodity chemical sample entry for each supplier/trader of sodium chloride. 

Confirm Sample Group

  • Once you have created a Sample Group and confirmed it as complete, SciveraLENS SC for CC will deliver the Sample Group information to Scivera (USA) for review.
  • Check the box Ready for Approval and click on Send to Scivera for Approval to send your SC for CC Sample Group application to Scivera for review.
  • The Scivera Team will review the information for required details. Once reviewed and determined to be complete the Scivera Team will approve the Sample Group for shipping from your facility to NimkarTek (India).
  • You will then be able to track the progress of your Sample Group during review by Scivera. 
  • The Scivera Team will approve or respond with questions for more information about your sample group. 
  • Once your SC for CC Application is approved by the Scivera Team, you will receive an email notification and status update in your SC for CC Dashboard. 

Generate Transmittal and Ship

  • Once the Scivera Team has reviewed and approved your Sample Group for shipment, you will receive an email notification and you will see the progress in your SC for CC Dashboard. 
  • Complete the preparation of commodity chemical samples and pack for shipping. 
  • Select Print Transmittal Document at bottom of Dashboard window. This will generate a PDF of the SC for CC Sample Group for your samples. 
  • Print this document for inclusion with your samples for shipping to NimkarTek. 
  • Be sure to include SDS for each commodity chemical in the package as required. 
  • Enter the courier tracking number and courier name in the Tracking Number field. 
  • Click on Send Shipment to Lab
  • Scivera will send a Quote/Invoice by email. Scivera will update the Sample Group status when payment is received at Scivera. 
  • NimkarTek will update the Sample Group status when the package is received at NimkarTek. 
  • Scivera will update the Sample Group status when the SC for CC process is complete. 


If my company has multiple factory locations, or multiple suppliers of the same commodity chemical, how many samples are required for screening?

In general the current SC for CC requirements are to draw one sample of each commodity chemical (CC) from each supplier at each factory location.

For example, if the same CC supplier provides citric acid to 3 different factory locations, one sample of citric acid is required from each location (ie 3 samples of citric acid in total).

Furthermore, if a factory sources the same CC (eg citric acid) from multiple traders/suppliers at one or more locations, one sample of the CC is required for each lot/batch sourced from each trader/supplier from each location. Therefore:

  • If you have 3 different citric acid suppliers to a single factory = 3 samples of citric acid required for SC for CC screening
  • If you have 1 citric acid supplier to three different factory locations = 3 citric acid samples required for SC for CC screening

The reason for these sampling requirements is that this SC for CC program is designed to explore the consistency (and potential variability) of CCs from location to location and from supplier to supplier (as well as from lot to lot).

Please let us know if you have any questions on this policy.

What type of sample bottle is required?

SC for CC sampling requires a bottle with the following specifications:

Glass, amber color, “Boston round” configuration, screw-on cap, cap must have liner

Bottles must new, unused, clean and dry.

Bottles can be 10 ml to 60 ml in size. Sample quantities can be 5 ml to 50 ml amounts. Certain commodity chemicals may require smaller quantity to be acceptable to air couriers due to IATA Dangerous Goods regulations for your country.

Where can I locate the correct SC for CC sample bottles?

Lab equipment suppliers online and in your country can provide the correct samples bottles for delivery quickly.

Local pharmacy/druggist may have new samples bottles available for purchase.



Download the SC for CC Sampling Guidelines

Scivera will generate results for each sample and share via your SciveraLENS® SC for CC account. Scivera will also share results with the requesting Screened Chemistry Brand.

Have questions? Please email screenedchemistry@scivera.com.

Learn about Scivera’s Screened Chemistry Certification for Textile Auxiliary chemical products.

Example List of SC for CC Chemicals requiring screening, scoring, and certification -- Guidance Only -- Other chemicals may qualify as commodity chemicals. Ask Scivera.

CASRN [Commodity Chemical Name]
64-19-7 [ACETIC ACID]
77-92-9 [CITRIC ACID]
144-62-7 [OXALIC ACID]
6132-02-1 [SODIUM CARBONATE (Soda Ash)]
1310-73-2 [SODIUM HYDROXIDE (Caustic Soda)]
7681-52-9 [SODIUM HYDROXIDE (Caustic Soda)]
57-13-6 [UREA]