Our story

At Scivera, we envision a world where everyone is safer because the products they are using are chemically safer.

Whether this is through brands being able to take a proactive approach to product development by verifying the chemicals used in their products are safe, or suppliers being able to share important chemical safety data without sacrificing their proprietary information, we believe everyone can contribute to sustainable chemistry.

As a proven and trusted partner to global brands and suppliers, we have been turning this vision into a reality since 2008 with our revolutionary software, SciveraLENS. This cloud-based program utilizes more than 4,000 chemical hazard assessments (CHAs) completed by board-certified toxicologists—the largest library in existence—and an easy to understand 23-endpoint user interface to help brands and suppliers know exactly what chemicals are in their products and identify safer alternatives when needed. With more than 85% of hazardous chemicals in existence being unrestricted, simple list-checking isn’t enough. By moving past a compliance mentality to this proactive approach, entire supply chains can save time, money, and their reputation by ensuring safe products from the start.

In 2021, Scivera joined the Enhesa group in order to better help build a safer, more sustainable world. The combination with Enhesa’s core global regulatory intelligence and Chemical Watch’s independent, journalistic insights today is a unique trilogy in the market, and we are excited about what this opportunity means for sustainable chemistry.

Scivera. Choose safer chemicals. Create safer products.

The Enhesa Company 

Enhesa Company brings together the best in the business – the best people, technology, and partners – all in one network with one shared purpose: Guiding the global business community to a more sustainable future.

Chemical Watch

Your one-stop source for independent product safety intelligence.

Chemical Watch helps businesses create safer products and stay ahead of the dynamic chemicals management agenda. We do this by providing global news, insight, analysis, data tools and access to a network of experts to help inform product safety decisions.

As the leading independent voice of those working in product safety, we facilitate the world’s largest and most influential community of product safety professionals managing chemicals. We offer an extensive calendar of conferences and training to keep our members up to date and develop their skills.


Your EHS compliance management partner.

Enhesa helps corporations build a better world with compliance content and support, built for your business. We’re partner to multi-national corporations that want to help make the world a more sustainable place, helping them be true and trustworthy contributing members of society with comprehensive compliance intelligence. 

Through world-class regulatory intelligence on emerging and evolving EHS and ESG trends, we empower businesses to be relevant and resolute in taking care of the environment, health, and safety of their collective – globally and locally.


Your leading expert coverage of regulations for the transport and storage of dangerous goods.

HCB helps businesses stay on top of the regulatory twists and turns in the transport, handling and storage of dangerous goods. We bring you news and insights for more sustainable transport and storage – whatever you’re handling, whatever your mode of transportation.

Our research and reporters cover changing regulatory developments in the sector worldwide. And our news and insights are all steered to make global businesses’ transport and storage operations safer, compliant, and more efficient.

Contact us to learn more and see how we can help you create safer products.