SciveraLENS Products

SciveraLENS® is a web-based, software as a service (“Saas”) product that delivers a variety of chemicals management results for you and your business. With just your web browser and an internet connection, you can gain access to the most sophisticated chemicals assessment platform on the market today.

SciVera offers three different versions of SciveraLENS® to meet the needs of chemicals decision makers in businesses worldwide.

SciveraLENS Rapid Screen

SciveraLENS® Rapid Screen will be the fastest and easiest way to get reliable human and environmental health guidance on chemicals.

SciveraLENS Enterprise

SciveraLENS® Enterprise builds on the Rapid Screen tool to support chemical regulatory compliance, alternatives assessment, product integrity goals, and corporate sustainability efforts.

SciveraLENS goodbos

SciveraLENS® Goodbos is a free web-based tool that provides suppliers of SciveraLENS Enterprise subscribers with step-by-step training for developing a correct bill of substances