PRODUCTS: SciVera Lens™ [Chinese Language Version]

SciVera currently offers two versatile, multi-function, Web-based software-as-a-service products called SciVera Lens™ Chemical Safety Assessment Platform (CSA) and SciVera Lens Secure Supplier Platform (SSP).

SciVera also offers a unique Expert Chemical Assessment service for companies interested in learning about the human and enviromental health characteristics of individual chemicals.

SciVera Lens™ CSA

SciVera Lens™ CSA enables companies to be proactive on a number of business trends and validate the safety of their products by gaining unprecedented access to valuable chemical ingredient toxicological hazard and risk assessment processes for a fraction of the cost of traditional services.

The SciVera Lens process is very simple:

SciVera Lens Screenshot
SciVera Lens™ Example Screenshot

(1) Upload a product's bill of materials (BOM) or bill of substances (BOS) data to your company's unique, secure SciVera Lens CSA website.

(2) SciVera Lens automatically processes a review of the chemicals and materials in the product for regulatory restrictions, chemicals of concern, potential for exposure, and any related risk.

(3) SciVera Lens generates a Chemical Safety Assessment report for your product based on regulatory restrictions and/or chemical attributes as required by an increasing number of US and European laws.

SciVera Lens™ provides scalable insight into a product’s chemical attributes at a fraction of the cost of traditional toxicological studies.

SciVera Lens™ CSA also enables manufacturers and their suppliers to explore various scenarios for product innovation to improve a product’s chemical hazard or chemical risk profile.

SciVera Lens™ offers this state of the art functionality to manufacturers of products for work internally andwith their supply chain to enhance the value of products now and in the future.

SciVera Lens Fact Sheet [PDF]

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SciVera Lens™ SSP

SciVera Lens™ SSP extends SciVera Lens CSA by enabling manufacturers to enage their suppliers---and their entire multi-tier product supply chain---in a secure, Web-based, materials and chemical data collection network that dramatically simplifies the processing of chemical safety assessments on raw materials and complex products.

SciVera Lens™ SSP is a turn-key platform that offers a reliable business process for manufacturers to gather material and chemical data from suppliers. With supplier input delivered via SSP, manufacturers then use SciVera Lens CSA to process chemical safety assessments for their products and comply with a growing list of regulatory and market requirements.

SciVera Lens CSA subscribers first invite their suppliers to register for SciVera Lens SSP. Suppliers then establish their own secure instance of SciVera Lens SSP for a small annual fee. Once registered, a supplier can upload and manage unlimited Bill of Substances (BOS) and Bill of Materials (BOM) documents to SSP for processing chemical safety assessments via SciVera Lens. Suppliers then share the resulting chemical safety assessment summary with their B2B customers while protecting confidential ingredient information of their material or product.

SciVera customers are using the powerful combination of SciVera Lens CSA anbd SciVera Lens SSP to securely and reliably gather BOM and BOS data from their suppliers and process reliable chemical safety assessments of products.

SciVera Lens Fact Sheet [PDF]

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SciVera Expert Chemical Assessment

Companies interested in an expert toxicological assessment of any chemical have access to SciVera's team of board-certified toxicologists and our SciVera Expert Chemical Assessment reports.

SciVera's expert chemical research team is constantly researching and assessing a wide range of industrial chemicals as part of our SciVera Lens Chemical Safety Assessment solution.

SciVera Lens customers process complex bill of materials (BOM) and bill of substance (BOS) containing many components, materials, and chemicals.

Many companies need information on just a single chemical, or a group of chemicals used in a manufacturing process, a product formulation, or a material.

SciVera Expert Chemical Assessments are targeted, comprehensive toxicological assessments of industrial chemicals based on authoritative lists, available experimental data, modeled data, and expert judgment, including weight of evidence decisions.

Having access to a SciVera Expert Chemical Assessment delivers business-critical information about the safety of a chemical for use in your company's processes and products.

SciVera developed its Expert Chemical Assessment offering based on numerous requests from companies interested in rapid-response, cost-effective toxicological reports on chemicals that go far beyond the detail provided in a MSDS or similar documents.

Why do companies need an Expert Assessment for chemicals they use in their products or their business?

Companies have a growing need to validate the health and environmental safety of the chemicals in their products. Material Safety Data Sheets (aka, MSDSs/SDSs) typically provide a limited review of a chemical’s regulatory restrictions, but these documents do not provide the broad knowledge needed for an effective chemical evaluation process. Pervasive data gaps (e.g., no cancer data on a chemical) add uncertainty to decisions about chemical selection leaving a company susceptible to business risks.

How does SciVera help companies meet this need for better health and environmental hazard information about the chemicals they use?

SciVera now provides up-to-date, stand-alone assessments of chemicals in an easy to understand format on up to 22 human health and environmental endpoints. SciVera assesses chemicals overall and for each endpoint as “high, moderate, or low” concern based on accepted classification schemes (e.g., GHS, EPA, etc.). This summary format makes interpretation easy for non-scientists, while also providing specific study results and citations for experts in need of the details.

SciVera Expert Chemical Assessments also include perspective by SciVera’s board-certified toxicologists who provide professional judgment based on weight of evidence, data modeling, and other resources to fill gaps when experimental data are lacking.

Why is this valuable for my business?

All companies need to have access to critical heath and environmental information about the chemicals in their products. Regulations in the US and Europe require it. Global customers increasingly ask for it. Comprehensive chemical assessments performed by toxicologists in a conventional way typically cost thousands of dollars and may take months to produce. SciVera’s Expert Chemical Assessments go far beyond conventional reviews of regulatory and authoritative lists by providing a comprehensive report that is available quickly and for a game-changing price.

How do I get access to SciVera Expert Chemical Assessments?

Please contact SciVera's Expert Chemical Assesment Team via to learn more.