SciveraLENS Rapid Screen makes managing lists of chemicals even easier

Today Scivera further enhanced Rapid Screen users’ ability to easily wrangle the increasing number and constantly changing lists of chemicals of concern or general interest. SciveraLENS Rapid Screen tracks your chemicals of interest against regulatory lists like California Proposition 65 List of Carcinogens and Reproductive Toxins (“CA PROP 65”) and even preferred chemicals lists like the US EPA Safer Choice Program’s Safer Chemicals Ingredient List (“SCIL”).

new-list-filter-20170515With today’s enhancement, Rapid Screen users can filter on any of the over 250 lists and sublists Scivera’s team of board-certified toxicologists and researchers manages and monitors for our customers. By clicking on the filter icon in the upper right of the Lists function in Rapid Screen (see highlighted red circle in screenshot), users can filter on list name, most recent change date, and a variety of other variables.

Scivera’s team takes list management several steps further than most tools or spreadsheets: Most regulatory lists include general statements about groups of chemicals (e.g., “Mercury and its compounds”) that makes list management a guessing game when done in a conventional way. Scivera’s experts incorporate the chemicals that fit those groups so they are included in your screening process in SciveraLENS. Even better, Rapid Screen delivers an alert to you when any list of interest changes for any of your Rapid Screen chemicals of interest.

Take charge of your chemicals management with the power of SciveraLENS. Start with basic list screening. Move on to tracking underlying human and environmental health attributes for alternatives assessment and sustainable chemistry. Take a test drive today.


Scivera releases Rapid Screen demo video

Today Scivera released a short demonstration video of its new SciveraLENS Rapid Screen product. Enjoy!

Scivera to Implement New GreenScreen Certified™ Product Assessments

Charlottesville, VA – Scivera, a leading provider of chemicals management solutions for the global consumer products industry, announced today new Product Assessment services to support global textile chemical manufacturers in reaching GreenScreen Certified™ and their efforts toward documenting product chemical safety achievements. The GreenScreen Certified™ program is a new initiative of Clean Production Action and will support the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Waste (ZDHC) consortium of global footwear and apparel brands and their efforts to improve supply chain performance. more

Scivera Toxicologist Dr. Colleen Mcloughlin presenting poster session at Society of Toxicology annual meeting this week

Dr Mcloughlin is presenting a poster entitled “Screening-level Hazard Assessment Strategies for Perfluorinated Compounds” summarizing Scivera’s recent work in support of the footwear and apparel industry’s ongoing search for preferred alternatives to common water repellency compounds. Let us know if you’d like a copy of the poster. And be sure to say hi to Colleen if you are attending SOTs this week.


Scivera launches new website to support chemicals management professionals worldwide

Scivera recently launched a new website to provide a growing collection of resources for chemicals management professionals in the consumer products value chain. Retailers, brands, suppliers, and basic chemical companies can make use of Scivera’s resources, services, and web-based software solutions to screen product chemicals, engage suppliers toward preferred materials and process chemicals, and explore innovation for sustainable chemistry achievement. In the coming months, Scivera will be adding additional resources to the website, as well as a new SciveraLENS software product called Rapid Screen.

Scivera leads chemicals management workshop at ICPHSO 2017

Last week Scivera attended the International Consumer Products Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) Annual Training and Expo in Orlando, Florida. Several Scivera team members participated in a chemicals management workshop lead by Scivera President, Joe Rinkevich and Bob Kerr of Pure Strategies, a sustainability consulting firm based in Boston.

As part of Scivera’s participation at ICPHSO, Rinkevich and colleagues announced the forthcoming new product SciveraLENS Rapid Screen.

Please contact Scivera if you would like to receive the presentation from the workshop.

SciVera presents at SETAC World Congress 2017

SciVera’s Joe Rinkevich and Dr. Pat Beattie presented at two sessions during the recent SETAC World Congress in Orlando, Florida from November 7 – 11, 2016. Joe presented a poster of SciVera’s ongoing work in automating human and environmental exposure estimation to support the company’s work in consumer product chemical alternative assessment.

Pat made a platform presentation about SciVera’s efforts to scale up the use of molecular structure clustering and rapid hazard assessment to enable better understanding of chemical’s hazard characteristics.

Please contact SciVera for more information about either of these presentations.

SciVera presents at International Society of Exposure Science

SciVera’s Joe Rinkevich presented during a platform session of the recent International Society of Exposure Science annual meeting in Utrecht, Netherlands along with representatives of US EPA, ECHA, academia and private industry to explore exposure assessment in prioritizing and selecting alternative chemicals in consumer products and processes. The conference took place during the week of October 10, 2016.

SciVera presents at Society of Toxicology Annual Expo

IMG_1185SciVera’s Dr. Pat Beattie presents at the 2016 Society of Toxicology Annual Expo this week. Dr. Beattie will be presenting the project entitled, “Use of Automated Tools to Facilitate Rapid Chemical Hazard Assessment”, which summarizes SciVera’s ongoing work in implementing scalable methods for identifying hazard characteristics of chemicals where currently no experimental or authoritative information exists. SciVera’s poster session at this year’s SOT Expo is our third time presenting research results at this international gathering of professional toxicologists. For this project, SciVera collaborated with SRC Inc, a leading developer of toxicology and scientific solutions for government and the private sector. Send us an email at betterproducts@scivera.com if you’d like to receive a PDF of the presentation.

SciVera presents at International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) Annual Conference and Training

SciVera’s Joe Rinkevich presents at ICPHSO 2016 in Washington DC. Joe’s presentation is in collaboration with Bob Kerr, Principal at Pure Strategies, and is a tutorial session for meeting attendees entitled, “Consumer Product Chemical Screening: An interactive tutorial”. Send us an email at betterproducts@scivera.com if you’d like to receive a PDF of the presentation.