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SciVeraLENS® is a suite of cloud-based software tools that helps companies learn more about product and process chemicals to reduce business risk, accelerate innovation, and enhance sustainability performance.

  • BRANDS learn more about chemicals used by suppliers in materials and processes while protecting supplier confidential ingredient information.
  • SUPPLIERS clearly communicate product and process chemical management innovation to customers via the SciVeraLENS® Trusted Third Party system.
  • DECISION-MAKERS see products and materials through the integrated steps of list screen, hazard screen, exposure and risk to enable essential prioritization of chemicals management actions.

Contact SciVera today to gain immediate knowledge on product and process chemicals for regulatory compliance, product stewardship, and alternatives assessment.


SciVeraLENS® provides valuable screening of chemicals, materials, and products using three important steps:

  1. LIST SCREENING :: Instantly review and track one or many chemicals against over 250 regulatory, authoritative, and preferred chemical lists. Generate reports on results. Track changes and receive notifications.
  2. HAZARD SCREENING :: Instantly review currently available hazard assessment results on up to 22 human and environmental hazard endpoints identify preferred chemicals or chemicals of concern in products or processes.
  3. EXPOSURE and RISK SCREENING :: Select from one of many referenced exposure scenarios to model potential exposure to chemicals to support prioritization of chemical selection or substitution.

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SciVeraLENS® enables you to gather product and process chemical data from your suppliers to better evaluate sourcing and product development alternatives.

  1. SUPPLIERS can deliver Safety Data Sheet (“SDS”) files for automated screening against lists and hazard assessment.
  2. BRANDS receive assessment results for overall materials and process chemicals while supplier proprietary ingredient information is redacted/protected. SciVera serves as a Trusted Third Party for many major brands and their suppliers.
  3. INDIVIDUALS can reach out to suppliers for chemical data to generate objective, comprehensive assessment reports on chemical and material alternatives.

Contact SciVera today to learn how you can engage your suppliers to gather and screen product and process chemical data.


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